Monday, April 17, 2006

Well, how did we all make it through the holidays? Things were quite quiet around here; we all dyed eggs at my sister's house on Saturday night. She had every kind of egg decoration product known to man, and there were 7 dozen eggs! God save us from our chloresterol! One of the biggest hits was rubber bands, and "Tie-dying" the eggs- very cool, will do again. And amazingly, one of the most beautiful eggs was a deep, deep blue that was forgotten about, and sat in the dye cup for a lonnnnng time. Plain old, well done, deep colors are better than many of the fancy egg eggstravanzas...

It's a beautiful day here, daffodils and forsythia are blooming, hail to Spring! I'm taking my son back to Flint, and it's a lovely day for a drive. (As opposed to our winter trips, when ice and snow seemed to come in a deluge every time he was due home...)

I sold two Tarot readings- one to Hawaii, one to Germany- which were sooo aprreciated. Since I lost my day job I am subsisting on Tarot, eBay, and occasional webwork. It's a good day when I see sales in my inbox!

Well, let's do a card for the day, shall we? I turn up the Eight of Cups, I need to keep on keeping on, keep moving, don't get stagnant. I cannot use the excuse that I'm not sure of next steps to slow down or to stop moving. Also, while keeping on, I need to remember that I can move AWAY from my goals or move toward them. Keep control over choices, so random movement doesn't lead away from the goal. However I do it, it's time. It's time top move away from the past, and search out new options. (I think I better check the Michigan Works site when I get home!)

Okay, love to all! Laura


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