Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hello y'all,
I thought I would mention to any other crazy freaks out there like me, who boiled 4 dozen eggs for Easter (at least they were MEDIUM size and not LARGE), pickled eggs is a great idea. We save the juice after the pickles are gone, peel the eggs and pop them in. Refrigerate for about a week, and the eggs take on the flavor of the juice, and get nice and firm. Tres yummy as egg salad, sliced on an english muffin, or straight from the jar.

For everyone out there on the edge of their seat about the status of the burned field across the road- it is starting to grow grass! I first noticed it on Easter- isn't that appropriate for the whole rebirth thing? I took pictures yesterday morning, but for some wild reason, seem unable to upload. So, here's a link to the picture of the tender new grass, which appeared on 4/16/06. Notice the leafless trees, just budding.

I just downloaded a bunch of music last night, some stuff that's on my playlist today: First, Innocent Child, by Big Audio Dynamite. I took my daughter to her friend's house on Friday evening, and drove my best friend Richelle's Toyota with the top down. Her CD player was cranked, and this came on. The sun was shining, which, when you live in Michigan is greeted with the joy of mole people long denied the precuious light- "The Sun... my Eyesssss!" It's been a longggg winter. Anyway, you get an idea of how a dose of sun can make you feel electric. Then this song came on, I looked at my daughter and was so happy to be there in that moment with her. A GREAT song. The other stuff I'm loving: Bus Ride, by Rocca DeLuca & The Burden. Very soulful. For Today I am a Boy, by Antony & the Johnsons is really haunting, it gets in my head. Finally, want one to get you up and moving? This is sooo it: All 'Cause of You, The 88

Now, card of the day today is for my dear friend. I turn up The World Card. I thinks this reflects his recent, more positive life outlook. This is definitely all about moving forward in a more insightful, balanced way. It's a card of abundance, success, fulfillment-what's not to love about that? There's a liberation represented here, dancing lightly through life rather than trudging. That can be a real Spring thing, too- for all of us 4-season types, spring is a real awakening. Jet darlin', you are on the right track. Keep on dancing forward, handling situations with finesse! Have a light touch, and be confident! You deserve it!

Okay, off to do my readings. xolaura


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