Saturday, May 03, 2008

Aden Conner Desmet made the scene on April 23, weighing in at a bouncing 9lbs 3 ozs and 21.5 inches long- he's a definite keeper. It's harder to adjust to the grandma title than it is to the child! He's a super-baby like his Uncle James was- he's holding his head up and has rolled over twice in his first week!

This weekend is much more mellow than last week- James and I did "meals-on-wheels" for Danny and Denise all weekend. We pretty much cooked non-stop; minestrone soup, oriental shrimp linguine, from scratch egg rolls and roast chicken. This weekend I seem to be in the same mode making garlic cheese rolls and 6 bean salad. Dan is out grilling steaks as the day threatens to rain on him; the wind is so strong it sounds like it's demanding the house take off and fly with it. A wind too strong even for kites... But the house holds firm, and all is cozy in my world and life today, hanging out with my boys and being thankful thankful thankful to be right where I am.


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