Friday, April 04, 2008

Well, San Diego was absolutely life-affirming. So wonderful to get away and take a break, and fabulous to have a bunch of time with my sister-normally when we get together it's a holiday or a big event, this time it was all about us. We have a great travel-rhythm together, getting hungry, tired or ready -to-rock at the same time.

My bed was by the balcony, and all night I watched the lights on the Bay, wishing I could absorb the sight and save it for cold Michigan days. We were on the Embarcadero, and every morning I would look out to see what was happening by the water. We were directly across from the cruise ship dock, and it was berry cool to lay in bed and watch the big ships dock.

Now I'm home, and we're in a countdown, waiting for my grandchild to be born!


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