Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Burning Bush is still flaming on in the backyard. Although the leaves on the trees are about 60% gone, there are still delightful pockets of color. Snow is predicted for tonight, and tomorrow morning-I saw a guy in shorts today.

My kids have the day off school tomorrow, which is being sold as a "Planning Day"- but we all know it's because attendance is so low on opening day of firearm deer season, here in dear ol' carnivorous Southern Michigan.

Geez, there's this radio contest where you have to call in if you hear a Santa "ho ho ho".. -it's kinda inserted subliminally, Now, I am sooo randomly listening at work, and I don't hear that well anyway, and I NEVER hear the Ho's.

TODAY, I heard the Ho's! I shot across the office to grab the phone and dial in... I thought Sue was going to do the duck and cover with her desk, she had never seen me move so fast. I liken it to when I touched our cabin's antique light fixture with wet hands. I moved THAT fast. But still, I got busy signals. I kept redialing and got registered! Ummm, I don't even know what the contest is, i know it's a shopping spree of some kind, i have to check it out online. I just know the other contest they are having involves callers gobbling like a turkey, and even I, freak as I am, have more dignity than that.

OMG, I can NEVER hear our phone ring!! We are using a new phone and the pitch of the ring always sounds like it's a part of the TV buzz in the room. (Yeah, we live loud, See randomly listening and deafness referred to above...) Then, today I made this big effort to go look for the ringing phone, and it WAS the TV.


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...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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