Monday, October 29, 2007

A lil' trouble falling asleep last night, the whole family suffered. (Well, Dan and Petey slept like little lumps) I think the kids were dreading Monday, I am feeling ill-prepared for the wedding stuff. I need to make a list today so that all my thoughts don't keep spinning and flitting around my head. My mama was a firm believer in lists- nothing like them to gain a little focus.

I wish I had my mama and dad this week. I never stop missing them. It's interesting, there are so many different WAYS of missing them- there's the need to share a good story or an interesting factoid, there's the need for a good hug or confirmation of my lovability in the way only a parent can do, there's the need to ask advice, or lean on them. No matter how old you are when your parents die, you're still an orphan. Seeing my son marry without them there, that will be bittersweet.

My card for the day, the Sun, reversed. I need to stop fooling around, make that list, and get my act together.


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