Friday, October 26, 2007

Two weeks ago this was the view we had on our walk at Ocqueoc Falls. This is a view from one of the sites at the State Forest Campground... If I were to pitch a tent, THIS would be the spot.

The fires in California are so frightening, my birthday girl sister is off to a conference in San Diego today. She's interested in what she'll find. However, I heard a little news bite from Entertainment Tonight which made me laugh out loud, "The Stars rescue puppies from danger..." I'm sorry, I know it's a serious situation, but the thought of "the stars" all clustered around some reluctant puppy, while cameras flash and photogs cluster.... it just seems wayyyy too "Zoolander".

My card for the the day is the 3 of Pentacles- all about plans and time management. Very appropriate as we come into the wedding home stretch- my son's weeding is next Sunday! So happy that my 3 of Pents is positive, it bodes well for our projects this weekend. (Thank God we work best under pressure. )


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