Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome to the working week for me... (As Elvis C. sez..."I know it don't thrill you, I hope it don't kill you"!) What a wonderful time up north! The colors were terrific, and the weather was cool, but just right for a big fire in the fireplace. It was hard to close up the cabin for the winter and say goodbye.
Our anniversary adventures began on the 10th, after 26 years we don't have bells and whistles for our big day, however, Dan came home with flowers, champagne, and steak and shrimp- which he made into an outstanding dinner! I was floored- he's not generally the king of thoughtfulness, but this really gave evidence that I have a "new-improved" Dan. So lovely! Our vacation just continued with those good feelings, we went shopping together, walking and exploring, challenged each other with our fire-building, and took some lovely naps on our crippling little bed. (Wow, coming home to our large and comfy bed with the many thread count sheets is what makes coming home a little easier...)

The kids were fine without us, James had some issues staying with big bro. He wasn't included in some of their activities, we'll rethink that one next time. However, everyone survived and we were soooo happy to see our babies again!

So, home again home again, jiggedy jog. And back to reality, after our lovely break in the big north woods.


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