Friday, September 21, 2007

My picture tonight is the edge of our yard/field, where the morning glories grow wild. It's a lovely, wild splash of color in my world.

Crazy week here! And yes, it's Friday and i wasn't able to go camping with Dan. The kids had too much going on, and someone had to do the driving. I told him I would like to be able to throw all my balls in the air and have someone catch them for me. (But I don't have a WIFE!) It's a testimony to the new-improved Dan that he was very understanding about my disappointment and has made some plans to make it up to me.

Weds was my eBay for seniors class, and they rock! Great sense of humor, nice mix, it was a successful class, and ran much more smoothly than Tuesday night. Last night we took my mother-in-law to Big Boy for dinner- she's just moved downstate for her health. As we went to pay, both our cards were denied. We were pretty outraged- we have money and were certain the Big Boy machine was screwed up. Dan walked over to an ATM and we paid, but what a way to look cool in of Dan's mom! Geeez! Take her out and not one, but BOTH cards DENIED!! So, I called Big Boy to complain this morning, positive their machine was at fault, and the manager promised to rake the offender over the coals. NOW, when I get home tonight the bank calls and they had to cancel a bunch of cards because they feared they could be compromised. D'ohhhh. Our cards WERE declined, and would only work at ATM's. Ummmm, i think i better call Big Boy and apologize....

So, James is having a buddy overnite; i downloaded a bunch of interesting TV shows for my laptop so i can hide out in my room and give the boys the run of the house.


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