Thursday, September 06, 2007

Well, I'm much more myself today, the doom and gloom behind me, back to counting up my blessings and feeling pretty good about my world. My brother Roger emailed me, "You know what?? You just need to find your happy heart--it will be easier on you and the rest of the world. Easy to say--good luck!!" That was sweet to hear. So, I'm working on my happy heart. But I'll tell ya, this last weekend, these mood swings are kickin' my ass.

I had lunch with my dear friend Mary, and got my hair done by the ever-divalicious Amanda. I am now a delightful shade of chocolate cherry red/brown- all the highlights gone for now, but it's really shiny and healthy, and my eyebrows are gorgeous! That went a long way toward bringing me out of the doldrums. Now, lunch and a pedicure tomorrow with Debbie- priceless.

I talked to Dan; they had seen salmon, but the fish were too wily for them. This is a picture of gnarly Dan with a big fish at our place up north a few years back. I'm sure visions of salmon with be swimming through his dreams tonight!


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