Thursday, August 30, 2007

First off, don't you love that pristine moment when the song is right, the sun is shining, you're driving and it feels good to be there? My daughter and I drove to town, town being Millersburg, teeeeny tiny but sporting a pretty rockin' grocery, stocking items like Bells ale, and specialty snacks and crackers. What I love though, are the Charms sweet and sour suckers- the clear part is the sour, so we always look for lots of that. So M and I get our suckers and we're heading back to the cabin, and it feels sooo good to be there, two days of vacation ahead of us, there had been lots of rain and the sun was sumptuous on the damp ferns and leaves, and M put on her iPod and played The Moldy Peaches, Anyone else but you, she and I were happy to be together, and it was a flashbulb memory moment.

Really, it's been such a great summer with the kids. At ages 14 and 15 there has been minimal bickering,(as opposed to ages 10 and 11...) they have finally gotten the hang of helping around the house this Summer, and they are enjoyable to be with! I'm counting some blessings.

Up north was so relaxing- we had a lot of fun as a family. There's a Thai restaurant in Rogers City with a buffet on Sunday- just a select number of dishes, but outstanding! I painted a new sign to put down by the road, and we hung our birdhouses all around. Dan and James fished, and hunted for squirrels, and we all watched movies together (Disturbia- not bad, and a fine popcorn and view with the kids) and gathered at campfire time.

Now we're back- Dan has the week off, and I am going in. sigh. Next week he heads off to salmon fish with his buddy, and I have some stuff cooked up with my girlfriends.

I'll post a link to a bunch of pictures as soon as I can blast my kids off the desktop...


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