Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I just took a bath with my signature sandalwood rose sugar scrub and I smell delicious. I keep getting whiffs of myself and I love me! And it's nice I smell good, because outside it is hot hot hot and HUMID, and I could be sweaty. We've had rain since the weekend, and this morning there were rumbly thunderstorms, and now it's cleared off... We all blink our eyes and come out of our burrows, rain-moles, forced inside for days.

I turned over some cards for myself today, midweek, and they made me smile- the Nine of Pentacles and the Three of Cups. First, the nine reminds me of me, feathering my nest, and getting my world balanced and in control. Working on my environment, and my surroundings, the things within my control, and finding a sense of peacefulness and hopefulness within me, and in my world as well. The Three reminds me of my three sisters and the tremendous support and love they give to me. How lucky I am to have such a strong family bond in my life. That's the personal meaning I take from this.

I think though, that in a bigger picture, I also need to see that the Nine shows a certain isolation, too. The sense of peace, the things that have been accomplished, have not come without a cost. That's why the Three of Cups comes in, it's all about friendship, about the joys of female friends, about friendships that are beneficial for all, cooperation, celebration- it's what I'm working toward. The friendships, the relationships in my life now are a blessing and a gift.


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