Sunday, August 12, 2007

I have been longing for a Mystery Date game for a loong time. I lurk eBay auctions, looking for a deal. (They can go for $50-100, too much for a whim of mine)

When I was little Mom and Dad wouldn't let me have the game; I was too young, and it encouraged dating. My parents were 46 when they had me, I was born in '61, , and sometimes their depression baby views clashed with my world. I was DYING for Mystery Date, It was a huge attraction at Susan Schiller's house. In my life, I have only played it a few times, and as a pretty well-adjusted adult, I must admit, I WANT to own one. But, I'm looking for a deal, or a garage sale find (Will trade Mystery Date for Tarot Readings!)

The world is better for
youtube, by god.
The Mystery Date commercial, that lilting song, the possibilities!!! Like Gambling for little girls. THIS is the very ad that got me in it's clutches. I wanted to be one of those swooning little girls. (One of the cuter ones, a couple of them are kinda hurting...)

When we sold my Parent's house, I overestimated the number of mattresses we would need- the diva teen refused to give up her old one. I call it "nasty", she calls it "comfy", so we have been storing the rejected mattress and springs in James' room. (He put up less of a fight than her, poor kid, and has just been living around them. ) We finally moved them out of there, but began living around them leaned up against a wall in the living room. Yesterday we put them by the road with a "free!" sign. There was no action all day, even though it was a pretty good looking set. (One stain was a little suspicious looking, but it was just ONE stain and there are TWO sides to every Mattress!)

At sunset, they were still there, but when Dan went to pick up the kids after their concert, the set was GONE!!! I wonder who's sleeping on them now? Sweet dreams!

A FREE sign works on some people with the same lure as crack.


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