Sunday, August 05, 2007

We live near MIS racetrack in Brooklyn, but we're not race fans. (Far from...) We just do our best to avoid race traffic. Well, it rained toady and now it's really still and humid and I can hear the Indy cars racing! I thought I was crazy, then I came in and saw online that the race started hours late because of the rain. I think it's some kind of weather phenomenon that lets me hear the cars all the way in my yard. I discovered the race is : Firestone Indy 400 at Michigan International Speedway
It's been a rainy day, purrfect for movie watching. I really loved the Simpson's movie, delighted to see a big chunk of my fave family with no commercials. It was smart and stooopid, in just the right amounts, exactly what I was hoping for. Just wondering, what happened to Spider Pig when the Simpson's escaped the Dome? We never see him again, do we??
Still doing readings. It's been a busy weekend, but cozy and homey and snuggly. Hope it's just as loverly for all of youse.


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