Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday night. Big, BIG, sigh. Monday looms before me. It felt like a kinda short weekend, Friday night I was sick (bad salad at Garfield's?) and Saturday I wasn't that great. I finally got my mojo on, and it's Sunday. Good news, tomorrow Peter Jennings (seen here as a puppy) has his vet appointment, and his big lymph node has gone down to almost nothing, I think these meds have done the job. The Vet made me terrified, talking about biopsies and stuff, hopefully tomorrow I'll find out he's just a pessimist and Petey is fine. And I may shop for another vet. He said he just likes me to be "prepared for the worst, and if it doesn't happen we can be happy." I think I would prefer a vet who said , "Let's try these meds" before mentioning biopsies. Okay, done ranting.

I went to a lovely baby shower for my niece, Deb, at the Midland country club. Beautiful day, pretty people, yummy food, and oh my gawd- the presents! It's amazing all the STUFF it takes to raise babies now. My eldest is...choke...sob... almost 24, and my youngers are 14 and 15, not quite like I had babies in the dark ages, but I might as well have. Special seats to line grocery carts, little ducks that float in the bath and tell the temp digitally- my eldest came early, we brought him home and he slept in a drawer for awhile. I don't know, it looks easier in some ways, more complicated in others. I think I'm glad I'm done.

I am 46. My mother had me when she was 46. She was wonderful to me, we were kindred spirits, but geeez, I cannot imagine having a baby now. of course, I AM an absolute nut about my dog.

I should turn up some cards, but I want to go hang out, do laundry... Tomorrow I'll turn some cards.


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