Saturday, July 21, 2007

In the picture admire my daughter on the trampoline. Is that not the essence of youth in summer???

Old picture though, today it's all soybeans ruffled by thew breeze.It's prime time for gardeners, and today is
farm market day in town. I was determined to get a bunch of stuff for canning. Last year was a trial year- I did a lot of small batches of pickles and savories, trying to see what we really liked. This year I know, we cannot have too many hot and dilled green beans. I bought 1/2 peck of pickle cukes, and pounds of green and yellow beans. I'll be busy with that this weekend.

I also got-

  • Basil! I'm making a pesto, AND a fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil salad. The secret is capers, which make almost everything better for moi.
  • Fresh eggs!
  • Fava beans, in pods, and ready to shuck
  • Broccoli
  • Blueberries!
  • Sweet cherries
  • Bulbous, juicy Garlic bulbs
  • A giant cantaloupe {or Muskmelon, my mama would say...)
  • Teeeny, tiny new potatoes and squash babies
  • Tomatillos, wearing their little coats, all ready to be made into my daughter's favorite green salsa.
  • And... a drum roll pleasssse... the very first vine tomatoes and MOST importantly, green tomatoes all ready to be breaded and fried!

Tomorrow I'll post the recipes for the delicious stuff I make.

Well, in typical "you can't take me anywhere" fashion, I locked my keys in the mini-van, and we returned laden with our market bounty and oh-so locked out. Adding insult to injury, I could SEE my jaunty, bright YELLOW, summer purse taunting me from the car... a locksmith soon st us on our way, and recently my husband backed into a pole and SMASHED my rear backing light, denting it pretty badly. So, there wasn't much he could say about my crew up.

The main, salient point of my morning was seeing Sister Pat. She, is a GODDESS, my English mentor at College. I saw her pull into the Farmer's Market as we waited for our car to be opened. Then, I saw her at the grocery store, and this time, figuring it was kismet, I said hello... She was wonderful as always, and as always said, "Laura, when are you going to DO something with your writing??" (She has a wonderfully mellifluous voice, which resounds in your head, dramatically...)

Hmm, it echoed cosmically in my head. When am I going to? Good question. (The Magician is about written projects, too. Lot's of stuff lining up now....

Off to ponder, and shuck fava beans.


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