Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Well there it is- my view!!! The trees have some leaves, the grass is covering all the burned spots, and a view like this is the big bonus for living through the long Michigan winter.

It's been awhile since an update- Dan has been getting some Morels, but not the motherlode of his dreams. James had Band-o-Rama last night- all bands from 5th grade to all three High bands gathered in an overheated gymnasium for 3 1/2 hours- and they got sneaky- they mixed up the grades in the program so you couldn't just grab your kid and run after their section. When you get to Hell, the welcoming ceremony is a lot like Band-o-Rama.

Last weekend I went to a local estate auction with my sister, and have been listing "treasures" since... See my eBay stuff here. Today, I am back to my card world, and will take care of my Tarot Orders...

First, how about a card of the day! I mix my cards up like I'm going to play "Go Fish" and I pull out the Major Arcana card, the Emperor. The Emperor is about getting priorities straight, about acting in a responsible way, about keeping a balance and a peace. Doing things that are for the good of everyone, and not just because it feels good to you. It can also be about finding that "Emperor" within yourself, not using the excuses or distractions of the world to control your actions; instead, setting a standard and living by that, molding your world to the standards you have set. Women often need to become their own Emperor- to remember the strentgh within and call upon it, instead of falling into a less powerful role. I will look to the wisdom of the Emperor today as i go about my life!


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