Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well, the lonely chicken spent the afternoon with Petey. They are so weird, Petey had a chew product and the chicken decided it was delicious. He would gum it up, getting it soft, and Tina just pecked away! They were sharing a snack. At first, the puppy was in charge of this relationship, but now the chicken is running the show. Doesn't say much about the toughness of our dog, does it?

Well on Sunday I turned up the Tower card, and I was sure my world was going to be rocked. I was bracing myself. Well so far I'm re-thinking my call on that card. Maybe it wasn't for me, but about the people I love.... My three best female friends are all facing Tower-like problems, and I have been trying to support them through this.

I'm still waiting for my challenges, and I'll try to handle them well, but at this point I am thinking perhaps I got the Tower card on Sunday because my friends were facing such problems? People, in gerneral, are pretty egocentric. Maybe I was seeing myself at the center of the issues, when in fact it was my job to help my friends see the message from the card, that maybe this tumultous time will shake things loose and be better in the long run? Maybe it wasn't all about ME! (The horrrrorr! Not about ME??? )


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