Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's been a purrrfect Sunday! We went out to breakfast, and then off to Hidden Lake Gardens where everything is blooming! We fed the fish in the pond, and my husband and son were so inspired, they took the boat out this afternoon. For the third week in a row, they were skunked. I, however, took a delightful soaky bath, with the wonderful book Fingersmith, by Sarah Waters. It's a rich historical novel, but not at all treacly, and an excellent choice for a rainy Spring sunday.

Now, as the afternoon moves into evening, the sun has come out. I'm putting up a picture of the park- look how much the grass has grown since the burning on the 11th! The trees are just starting to bud, everything looks frilly with green. Every evening Dan and I have been taking Petey over for a walk; we go around the edge of the field and the treefrogs sing to us- this is such a tender, sweet time of year!

The bad news, we found the carcass of Lucy the Rhode Island Red right across the road, just beyond the fence. All we found in the yard was a pile of feathers, the coyotes dragged her over there. That explains the night we though they were right in the yard- they WERE. It was the scariest thing, they chattered and barked, it sounded like a scary movie. Poor Lucy, may she rest in peace.

I turn up a card tonight, and oh my, it's the Tower. I better brace myself... just when I thought everything was fine, this comes along to shake things up. There's revelation, an epiphany if you will, and it will changes the way things have been. While it feels disruptive or disturbing at the time, it's going to be freeing in the long run. I feel pretty good about this card, ready to embrace a freeing change, even if it comes about in a rough kind of way.... I mean, what else can you do? When something comes down around your ears, you HAVE to make a change. Sometimes when you can't do it for yourself, you need a little dynamite to get you going... The Tower will be a dynamited life change.

Off to my book... xolaura


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