Friday, June 23, 2006

Oh my gosh, I feel like pre-teen with a diary- "Dear Diary, Sorry it's been so long since I'v written...." It's been over a month, astounding!

In that month I took my kids to our place up north, each kid took a friend. So there I was in the north woods with four 13 and 14 year olds! They were pretty good kids, and it was sweet to see them start to live the simple life- fishing, swimming, and boating ruled the day. We went to two Lighthouses, the Old Presque Isle Light, and the New Presque Isle light. The kids loved the ghost stories about the Old Light- way fun!

I'm going back up to the cabin for at least two weeks starting next week. I'll be sending out an email to my mailing list letting y'all know, so that if you are in "need of a read" you can get it before I blow town!

In the meantime, I had such a great response from a gal for whom I did my first reading..."Your reading was so incredibly right on target in several areas that I felt very strongly that I should write and tell you so. I also wanted to thank you for the warm and friendly way you presented my reading. I've never done this before (duh. like you couldn't tell from the flood of stuff you got from the cards, right? :-) and I wasn't sure what to expect. But it felt like I was sitting in the kitchen talking 'girl stuff' with you. I even found myself nodding my head at you when you asked your questions throughout the narrative! lol"
This was so good to hear, it made me want to tell my Dad. At first it was a strain for him to have a daughter with such a freakish occupation- and I'll tell you, living here in the bible belt I've taken some heat. I generally keep my online occupation closeted, only "coming out" to people after I can tell they won't put up the hex sign and hissss at me... At first Dad felt like tarot was a lot of hoo doo, and for a deeply religious, pillar of his church it was kinda scary. However, the more I explained my work to my dad, he started to really get into it. I explained I'm NOT a dark and scary reader, it's all about empowerment, and that the cards don't (or should NOT) dictate the future. We are in charge of our own future, but the cards can make us aware of things that need attention. He was pleased with the friendships I created, and would say things like "How's Todd in New Orleans?" (a shout out to Todd, how you doing, babe??) and loved to hear stories about the people I'd met, and how they felt about their readings. He was fascinated with the fact that I read for people all over the world. And finally he said "well, you're really more of a counselor than anything else..." I always figured if Dad came around, there was hope for the world-at-large!

I hope all is well with you guys- If you need a reading, get it before I'm gone!


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