Friday, May 12, 2006

There have been lots of photos of my views- I think it's about time for another shot of Peter Jennings, the wonder pup! He was just groomed this week, and he looks HANDSOME and SMELLS GREAT after living through a frightening job I did on him with my scrapbooking scissors... Let me 'splain...
Once upon a time I was a hairdresser, liscensed by the state boards and everything. I married at 20, my parents felt I needed a career to fall back on- they were absolutely right, I was too young, but that's another story. I did practice my craft for awhile- my hairdressing days came in the abysmal hair fashion blackhole known as the '80's- the big hit syle was known then as "the bi-level", these days, we call a mullet a mullet.
Anyway, certain hair skills remain, cutting in a straight line, basic layering- I can conjure up those old skills from time to time. Well Petey, being a Shih Tzu has hair that grows just like a person. We were all reluctant to cut him, just like a toddler they are so cute before their first haircut. Except for that Kate Hudson kid- that Ryder NEEDS a haircut. And that Romeo Beckham, too. Well, Petey was hitting the Ryder Hudson stage, and I got out my scissors and trimmed him up...

Wow, he was so good! My husband's friend said he had a shih tzu and had to use a catchers mitt to COMB him! Peter just sat there and let me trim away. Problem was, I had no idea how he was supposed to look! I cut off his whiskers and his eyebrows- he had this sort of look of eternal surprise.. I trimmed up his front legs and chest, but he was sick of it by the time I hit his mid-section and back, so he just kind of poofed out from there- he was, of course sweet. But he looked like an animal we had taken in from the pound.

This week he went to the Canine Magician groomer, which used to be located, disconcertingly AND ironically, in the SAME parking lot as a Taxidermy place... They truly worked magic on him, he smells good and looks like an actual breed. I promise never to take the scissors to the boy again.

Now, on a more serious note, I have a buddy who is facing a lot of problems. I think they feel especially overwhelming becuse he'd faced down some demons, gotten some closure on tiresome old issues, and was feeling almost groovy.

Today I turn over a card for my friend... Well, it doesn't look like this is going to be a single card, it's a sequence. The last card is the World card, the card that had my friend feeling so groovy and full of epiphanies in April The first 4 cards are the trials and tribulations to be worked through to get back to that feeling of light-footed balance.

We start with The Lovers, reversed. There is a break-down in a partnership, a misunderstanding about how to proceed. The third card here is the 2 of Cups, reversed, which echoes the Lovers. When it comes down to it, two people have a hard time pulling together as a team; personal interests, differing goals or hoped for outcomes, jealousies- all this stuff keeps popping up and coloring the view of the problems facing you?

The Emperor card- a strong, successful male/mentor steps in? The kind of "helping" he will be called upon to do here is right up his alley; it's actions, not emotions?

The nine of Pentacles makes me see an unsatisfied female, she's not comfortable in her home, in her "nest" and she's going to get an idea of what will make her "feel" better, and she will be pretty single-minded about getting this. Almost like there will be blinders to issues around her while she thinks about her own discomfort and the solution to it.

Again, the 2 of Cups. A tough time for a love relationship, a tough time for a partnership, or maybe the focus winds up being about how hard it is to make this partnership work, when the focus should be elsewhere?

Anyway, that's the baggage to work though before the balance of thr World card returns...


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