Tuesday, May 16, 2006

This past weekend we opened up our cabin up north, taking Monday for a 3 day weekend. In typical Michigan Spring fashion, it rained off and on all weekend, but it did that back at home, too. And I would MUCH rather be in our cozy log cabin building a roaring fire, with a little rain spattering on the roof.
My pic today is my way cool terrarium I created out of mosses and plants I found while tromping through the drippy woods. This is the little aquarium we use in the summer for the occasional frog, or catfish minnow . I turned it into a planter- we'll see how long I can keep this stuff alive!!!

Okay, a story for y'all. I am not the most girly-girl. (Richelle is) HOWEVER, I like a little undereye cover-up, light blusher, and a little eyeliner at LEAST. Well, we took off blithefully for up north, and I left my make-up case in the bathroom. LEFT IT. For 3 days. No conditioning face cleanser, no soaps and lotions, no toothbrush- let alone a light blusher and a hint of eyeliner. I've been like brushing my teeth with little forest twiigs like a "Survivior" castmember. Which was basically okay, I was living in the woods, on the way home I got out of the car once, skirting thr edge of the store and making my way to the bathroom in as unobtrusive way as possible...

So I get home, and I am checking my eBay stuff, and some things sold well, and others didn't, and I am analzying this hard, because all weekend when I was away from computers I was wondering how my listings were doing. Also, it's not my shower turn yet- we have one bathroom, I wanted a bath, so I was waiting for the shower people to finish.

When I got home I pulled out this t-shirt and thought- "This is the ugliest t-shirt I have. I'll wear it until AFTER MY SHOWER, then I will transform into something cuter/more worthy..." Then, as I'm computing away, I look down at the ugliest skirt I own(see above reason) I see the tag. I kinda chuckle to myself.. "ho ho.. not only is this the ugliest skirt I own, I'm wearing it INSIDE out..." I feel carefree though, see above hopeful feelings about shower/'transformation.

Okay, you got a picture of me in your head? Wearing the ugliest clothes I own, half of them inside out. I am down to my natural skin tone, plus a light glazing of wood smoke, devoid of make-up, I think you could safely call me gray. I am staring at my computer screen with the kind of hanging lip tranfixation guys get during golf. (Not football, that's too active. Golf is where you're watching so hard you almost semi-demi drool...)

I see a shadow on the porch, I look at my door window, and there is this guy I used to work with I have not seen for a long time. Let me 'splain. It was an office awash in women, and he moved through our choppy waters, tempests and tidal waves like a fine wooden sloop. Just sliced thorugh the bull. Plus, he was good at what he did, in a quiet capable way. And he was cute, too. And he always smelled good. (Kinda a deadly office combo) Anyway, all this description is just so you get to feel what I felt... The horrrrrrrrooorrrrrr! There he is, all smelling good. And me, not even just your average rumpled, oh no, the worst I have ever looked in my life.

He was being sweet, dropping off a book on dog training I had pestered him about via email... I could not even show my face... I kept muttering about how I "felt like I was in a twilight zone episode..."
you know, the one about the pig face people??? Why does no one ever see me when I look good and smell okay. Because I DO, okay, dammit! Sometimes.

Okay, well, I'm home, wearing full make-up, and a charming daytime ensemble. I'll do a card for the day, tomorrow darlings.


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