Friday, July 27, 2007

Big storm last night, lots of pyrotechnics.After my many adventures with lightning-I seem to attract it in a wicked way- I get a little more anxious than I did in the past. Historically, I LOVE a good storm. I woke up with my daughter, frightened, and snuggling in. What a sweet feeling. She's 15 and I don't have much longer for that stuff...

Out to lunch with a friend on this gloomy day, that brightened it up much. On a whim we got pedicures together, bliss. It was a lovely way to end up the week.

I'm going to lay out a card for the weekend, let's see what I come up with. Gosh, this is weird. I've had a friend on my mind, and these cards makes me think he's having some worries and confusion. But, that's not my issue. He's beyond my reach. Soooo, I ask the cards to please tell me something for ME...

Well, not great, but realistic for me. The 7 of Wands, reversed, tells me I'm feeling more overwhelmed lately, more stressed than I was feelings. The 6 of Swords sees me moving forward but not so joyfully. And with this I agree. The end of this week has been more a bit stymied. And I end up with the Queen of Wands, I think I am reflecting more of her traits- a bolder more social outlook, instead of my usual Queen of Pentacles earth mother. I need to find a way to blend the characteristics to my best benefit, and to work to bring joy into my life again. (Not huge and scary, I just have to shake the blahs, and a hug from a friend and a pedicure was a good start!)


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