Monday, July 23, 2007

Music Wayyyy in my head- Fidelity-Regina Spektor My daughter is disgusted by my taste, but Regina's "it breaks my hear-rrr....t" just kills me. She makes me smile.
I just finished
Inamorata, it was a really delicious read. On now to The Memory of Running. So far it's interesting, but not compelling. (Which is good, I have readings to do..)

How about a card for me for Monday, as I start the week...
Hmm, I need three today, these three are my message I can tell.
The Page of Swords and the Moon, reversed, with the 9 of Pentacles as a blessing at the end.

Page of Swords tells me I need to stop protecting myself so hard, and get on with my life. The Moon tells me I need to keep in touch with my spiritual side, with my intuition and dreams. I think the cards tell me that I'm so focused on protecting myself, I'm closing myself down.

9 of Pentacles is a woman who finds peace in her own company, who tends her needs and comforts. This feels good now, the focus is good, i just have to make it go soul deep.


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