Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The storyteller my sister gave me sits on my windowsill... She GETS me.

Well, I hardly had to try to work up a story. Stories just naturally HAPPEN to me. This is one I will have a hard time telling my husband; it makes him crazy how I get all entangled in stuff... ("Can you you EVER not talk to people??" he says...)

Anyway, I'm at Meijer and there's this DARLING little old lady checking out in front of me. My first, and I'll admit, uncharitable, response was "she is soooo not express..." She had few items but was moving slowwwwwly. Well, looking closer she had walker, a cane, and Depends in her cart. How much more vulnerable can you be?

So, I hear her ask the cashier to call Dial-a-ride, and identifies her address. She lives on the same country road I do. Okay, this is where the first drumbeat of conscience hits me... "You should give her a ride home.."

I don't want to freak her out, and maybe she's USED to riding public transport, so I buy my stuff and watch as she feebly attempts to get out the automatic door (she's moving soooo slooowly the doors keep trying to close on her) Well, I go and help her out the door, and there's nowhere to sit but bags of salt, and there's this beige-looking, smelly guy, with fat hanging over his shorts sitting on those, and I can't just leave my frail little old lady with him. (Did I mention she smells really good??) So I stand with her, but it's humid, and she's getting even limper, so I tell her I'll just drive her home. And I do. And she tries to give me her dial-a-ride dollar.

I didn't realize how much I missed taking care of my invalid parents. I miss them when I'm on a walk in the woods, or when I have something I would like to tell them. I DO miss them healthy, but I guess this was the first time I realized I also miss caring for them when they were older and unwell. Hey- I am no saint, there were some awful days and some long-ass nights, but, it was such a tangible way to show your love. And they were so grateful for the help.

As was my little old lady today. It made me feel good. So I turned down her dial-a-ride dollar.

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