Saturday, August 04, 2007

Is Peter Jennings the cutest little dog ever??? We took him to a new groomer, Tailywags in Clinton, and it was wonderful! He was the only dog there today, and he had unlimited attention and a terrific haircut. He smelled like old socks and cat food (He hit captain Bly's bowl this morning) and he came out fresh and fluffy. She said the only time he cried was when she put him down when she was done, she had to put him back up on the table and pretend to be doing stuff, THEN he was happy. He's a LOVER.

I've been very busy, getting to all the readings I've sold with the Tarot Sale, I'm behind in blogging. I'm sire you all are starved for the mundane details of my life. So I'll spill spill spill here for you!

Well, my fabulous weekend of fun started on Friday. Our local radio station plays this game called "The Wheel of Meat", they spin a roulette wheel (ummm, it's the radio, I was really skeptical about that one...) and if it lands on the right spot you win 2 lbs (whooo hooo 2 WHOLE pounds) of meat products from a local deli. My co-worker and I make a lot of jokes about this one, it's a weird contest, so i called in to see if I could get on the radio to cheer her up. (She was having a rough day, and I'm a considerate friend) I got on the radio and did my yammering Pippi Lonngstocking thing, stating off with, "I'm ready to win some MEAT, baby!" The DJ was cracking up, I made Sue laugh, and I won some marinated chicken breasts- a good time was had by all.

Saturday morning we dropped Peter at the Groomer, then went to breakfast and ran into friends there and shared a table. A lovely co-inky dink; I think breakfast out is my favorite time to eat out. I think I like breakfast better than dinner out, actually.

James came home from band camp (if I hear another American Pie reference I will SCREAM!!!!) sweaty, 14 lbs lighter, and happy to be back in his own house. With all his traveling he's been home 4 days since July 4th, he was happy to be here.

Now, today the big plan is SIMPSONS movie for the whole family. It's a (much-needed) rainy day. Perfect for Tarot Readings, and a dark movie theater and buttery popcorn.

So, buy a Tarot Reading, (the sale ends 8/8/07) Or, check out all the cool Tarot info, mystical crafts and stuff on my website. My links were all messed up on this page and I've done a bunch of work on the page, so the links are fixed.


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