Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's HOT HOT HOT here in Michigan, and there are some pretty thirsty fields around us; corn gasping. Everything is dry, yet the air is humid...sigh. This kind of weather is rough on crops, nerves, and dogs. Not much I can do for the crops, and I can only make sure my own dog is hydrated and happy, but I CAN give all of you a little break from the mid-season doldrums.

My mother had a good metaphor for this kind of malaise. She grew up on a farm, and it was necessary to change the water in the bucket where the fishing minnows were kept, because they breath up all the air. Fresh water gives them new air, livens them up. When we were tired of the same old same old in our lives she would say "it's time to change the water on the minnows..."

A Tarot reading can stir up the water in YOUR fishbowl, and maybe give some insight on things that you're too close to to really see. Plus, I'm offering a sale to sweeten the deal: the Celtic Cross Reading, now only $23.00- regularly $27.00, with the offer available until 8/8/07. For More info click here


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