Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I was looking for pictures and came across this one- and it tugged at my heart. I've been missing my Dad, well, I ALWAYS miss my dad, and this photo was so poignant. My dad had Macular Degeneration, his eyesight was very poor, thus the chair right in front of the TV set. I miss you Dad. See Aden Mead Park here.

Well, my daughter's BFF's mom is having a yard sale and she gave me a 40's style bamboo couch which will be perfect for the 3 Bears. (It's official, mice have moved into the current couch... it MUST be replaced. ) I will have to get cushions and upholster, but that will be fun, and I can use whatever fabric I want! I'll post project photos as i go along...

I took the word from the cards seriously, and did some things I have been putting off, and feel more accomplished tonight. It's true, once started momentum kick ins. I made stuffed shells with fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, and Linguica sausage from Rhode Island. (I give my sis Rock&Rye, and she gives us linguica...)

It's hot, stay cool.


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