Saturday, August 11, 2007

What a gorgeous Saturday! My fave kind of day. Dan rolled out early with his boat, it's been three weeks since he's been out fishing. It's a wonderful boat morning, a gentle breeze, temp in the 70's- it's like a sweet kiss after the hot breath of temp in the 90's ( and the humidity registering there, too!) We've come to an understanding about the boat, he goes until about noon, then we spend the day together. And I've gone out on the boat with him, too, during the week. He doesn't fish, he just takes me on scenic journeys. (I heart him)

James got up early with me and we hit the farm market by 8:00. I have bags and bags of fresh stuff, and I even have my frig clean and ready to receive it! (Whooo hoo!) Deal -of-the-day? An amazing bouquet of sunflowers- 3 stems for $1.00!!! I got a dozen. A delicious breakfast followed at a local restaurant, I can't even remember it's name "Country Kitchen"? James goes with me instead of fishing with his dad because I take him out to breakfast... ; ) It was packed. A packed restaurant at breakfast is a good sign. If you are in a strange town, and want to go out to eat, the busiest breakfast spot is notoriously the best.

The kids begged to go school shopping, and now there's a concert they want to attend. (The active "local music scene" bahahaaaaaa) We backed out of a day at my sister's cabin to accommodate them (she did new remodeling and I bet it's very cool. She has an "eye" for this stufff...) So now it's a fix-it day at home. I got refinishing stuff for my headboard, and waxes and oils for the dried out bamboo on the couch project. And Dan is rebuilding our picnic table. (Hmm, my "fool's" adventure? All my plans and projects?)

HOWEVER, I got all my trashy magazines and that is what I'm doing now.


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