Saturday, August 11, 2007

So, You know what is interesting about a Tarot reading? It happens, and you hold this info in your head, but it may not ring a bell right away. THEN, it hits.

Like me, the Fool, positive position. I have a ton of projects for this weekend, plans and ideas bubbling forth. I THOUGHT I heard Dan say he would do the picnic table, maybe I dreamed it...

Well, the Little Red Hen, ME, has gotten a ton done. Dan fished and took a nap- not terribly helpful. But he DID bring me flowers (Did I mention I HEART him).

Yesterday's Tarot reading was good for me because I recognized Dan as the Heirophant, reversed, and where I would have normally complained about stuff undone, the cards help me see that just because I set my chore bar high, it doesn't mean everybody else has to jump.

I am off to fry green tomatoes. I feel a wild dream a'rising.


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