Friday, August 17, 2007

Wow! It's been a couple of days, but I've just been busy. However, I have not gone AWOL! When I get home from work today I'll do a catch-up blog, and some cards for the weekend!!!

Hey, first my guilty pleasure download! I was driving the kids around last night, and they had a teeny bop station on, and I heard this song- Beautiful Girls, Sean Kingston... it instantly got in my head. I love the nod to "Stand by Me' in the music... It's a popcorn song, but a good weekend download...

Okay, that will have to hold you for now!!!

I'm Baccck! I laid out a couple of cards this evening, and I turned up the Magician and the 8 of Wands. Well, the Magician is rich for me, all about taking my plans from my head and getting them started in the world. In this positive position as this card is, it makes me think it's a good weekend to express myself creatively, and get some things going. Last weekend I had the Fool, and I had a ton going on with less focus. I think this weekend there will be more focus, I'll be better at communicating my ideas. (Which makes sense, Dan and I are pretty much in a mind-meld lately...)
The 8 of Wands is just reinforcement, full-speed ahead. I can also mean "arrows of love", sounds promising....
Well, I'm scooting out again, my family is watching "Scarred" and I cannot be in the room with that show. It kinda makes me sick.


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