Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not sure what the "wheel of Meat" looks like, it WAS a radio contest, but I thought this picture looked jazzzzy!
A week ago I won 2 lbs of marinated chicken breasts playing "The Wheel of Meat" game on a local radio station. I started thinking about it, I have to drive to another town to get them, we are a family, 2lbs is not quite enough...My sister mentioned an elderly friend who gets her groceries delivered by Jerry's, the store that sponsors the wheel of meat. I called Jerry's and Roma will get the meat added to her next grocery order. I'll send a little random kindness her way. (And I got my moment to SHINE on the radio, all are satisfied...)

I am reading The Aerialist, and I enjoy it, he's a thoughtful writer, and it's interesting stuff! A guy who's a little floating in the 70's winds up going off with the circus- of all the circus books I've read recently, this gives a real idea of daily workings of a really big show. And he writes a vivid word painting, but he's a little dense, and i can't seem to get hooked in. I have found myself doing something I rarely do, i started a second book, Crooked, and I am compelled by this. It's written in a more crisp and sparse manner, the story of a young girl reestablishing herself after prison, and that suits my mood right now.
Gorgeous day!!!! It feels almost fall-like, the golden air and gentle breeze, cicadas and bugs singing. I'll lay out some cards tomorrow. Off to enjoy the day!


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