Monday, August 20, 2007

Sodden seems to be the word of the week so far... It has been dripping, misting, clouds leaking all day. Sometimes you can hear a rumble of thunder far away- it's like a sound machine. All those poor Nascar lovers are driving off in their giant buses with viewing platforms, their RV's and Campers. I guess they will try to run it tomorrow (good luck, I doubt this will break...) or they will postpone until November. I feel kinda embarrassed that all these race fans/freaks came here and we are giving them such crummy weather. It was splendid last week, sometimes it's quite pretty here!

We will go to the cabin this weekend, and I can't wait! The thought of being there is making this week much more palatable. Petey will be so happy- it's dog heaven. He runs like a wild shih tzu! I just hope he can steer clear of the skunk babies this time! So, if you're feeling like a Tarot reading, get it early in the week!
I took the kids to see SuperBad, I sooo should have read some reviews first. It was really funny; I loved the boys in this, they were perfect and reminded me of many kids from my school days. However, a lot of sex humor. I remember how awful it was to watch an embarrassing movie with my parents, and it was almost that bad with my kids. Oh well, we all survived, and the popcorn was righteous.


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