Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rain, delightful, soaking, a "just loll in bed with a coffee and something to read" rain. I feel sorry for all the race freaks at MIS, it's some kind of BIG Nascar thing, they have been gathering in their buses for a week. (And clogging the lines at the grocery stores with their camping needs, and BEEER, lot's of BEEER) And it was an exceptionally Lovely week here in Michigan. Now, it's race day and it's pretty sucky. I mean, nice if you're in a house looking out, icky if you're camping with 1,000's of other hungover sodden racefans.

I finished "crooked" a couple of days ago, and I really enjoyed many things about it. It was fascinating the way the protagonist had closed herself off in jail, and could really only feel when it hurt. You could feel the build up as she pushes a little harder each time, how close to the edge can she come? It was a much deeper book than I expected it to be, all wrapped up in a spare, crisp style. I am now reading "The Center of Everything", a really delicious read. A touching, and compelling story told through the eyes of Evelyn Bucknow, starting at the age of 10. It shows that unquestioning love a kid has for their parent, and then the day a child realizes that parent is human, and in this case, a disappointment.

Well it's almost 11 am here- 24 years ago that's when I pushed my reluctant firstborn into the world. And here we are- he will be married in November, and I wish him all the best. We've learned a lot together, my sweet "experimental" child and I ... Being firstborn, we were learning as we went along, we always teased him that he was like a science experiment.
Happy bday Dan-boy


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