Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I was looking through some of my old "activities" on my site, and I was checking out the edible flower information. Now, rather than just putting out candles to set the mood, you can add fuchsia flowers to your drink- it's lovely, edible, and the fuchsia means passion! Feeling a little mental meltdown? Sage for memory, Yucca for psychic awareness, and mint for wisdom, how can you miss. It's kinda fun...

Tonight we are driving Joey (insert the little hearts around his name) home, then visiting our friend Brian. This means Margaret will be staying home and leaving Joey to our mercy in the mini-van. Muhahhhahaaaaaa!!! She will be limp with worry that we are being heinously parental and she won't be there to keep us under control. Maybe Dan should wear some of those country bumpkin teeth things, or we could sing along to the music in the car- double muhahahaaaaa! (I won't, but I can toy with the idea...)

We were Lucy/Ricky/Ethel/Fred with Richelle & Brian for years, and his divorce became final yesterday. He sounds wonderfully upbeat ... (I think I'll take my cards over...) but it's a very sad thing. I look forward to giving him a big hug!


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