Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's first day of school, and I'm up soooo early again! James is starting High School, Margaret is a Sophomore, I had to put up one of my fave "Little M & J" pics so I could remember them as they used to be. Although, they are pretty cute today, too...

owwww, the bus just paused, and drove on. With my current job I am able to drive the kids (plus Chelsea the neighbor) to school and let them avoid the bus. The bus comes at 6:30, an we leave by car at 7:15... 6:30 is wayyyyy too early.

Well, I turned over a card for today, and it's Temperance! This link I found speaks of Hawks and what they mean, because I am seeing Hawks all over the place. It spoke of the Tarot connection, and this said the Temperance card is connected to the Hawk. Well, I seem to be connected to both just now, I wish I were clever enough to see what it means to me. my books encourage the person with the Temperance card to avoid the extremes, keep to the middle of the road in difficult situations- stay calm in the midst of other people's craziness. Reversed, it tells of getting sucked into other people's dramas, of going to extremes. Hmmm, I'll try to keep all this in mind as I go forward.


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