Monday, September 03, 2007

My son switched my desktop to a picture of some rodent with an automatic weapon- i HATE when they borrow my stuff and mess with the settings (or break it, or not return it... Still working on respect for my things with these guys.) Anyway, I changed my desktop to Kipling West's Picket Moon Ouija Board- i am in LOVE with the stuff she does. Another favorite is Salamander Night Garden Ouija. Add a Kipling West Ouija board to the Mystery Date game in the category of "stuff I'd love to own..."

Margaret and I are feeling much better today, we went school shopping today- school starts tomorrow-YIKES!!! We had our partying and picnicking yesterday. It was a good day for shopping, the mall wasn't crazy busy, and there were lots of sales. We separated, Dan & James and Margaret & I, when we rejoined M had 4 pairs of jeans, 5 undies, 2 hoodies, 3 shirts and 2 sweaters, jewelry, perfume, and eyeshadow. All this in an hour and 15 minutes- we ROCKED the shops. However, James had 2 pairs of shorts and a shirt, and said Dad spent the rest of the time at Dick's Sporting Goods. Sigh. James was very bummed he was stuck in the non-productive shopping team, Dad=Shopping Anchor, and we stopped off at the local mall for 4 t-shirts and a pair of shorts for him, making him content. (He got a clothing influx a few weeks ago for his Rhode Island trip, he needed less...)

And now, what I got! Such a treat- I got this ghost candle at Yankee... something about the fire makes these fiber optics change colors in his body- while he burns he glows red, purple, blue, and green! I think he's cool as heck, Margaret was less impressed.
I will turn some cards tomorrow...


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