Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy birthday to my brother Roger, shown here in a 4 generational shot- My Dad, my brother, my nephew, and my great-nephew (Also my Dad's namesake...) I hope you have a wonderful day!

All those hawks I've been seeing, the Temperance cards I've been getting- umm, lots of angst today. I'm working on things to make it better, but it's a tough day.

My mama used to say she "hit a knot". She was going along, then she hit a knot in the rope, and it takes a little bit to work though it, until you are running smoothly again. I hit a knot today. It will pass.

Dan is off for a salmon fishing trip, although the word is the salmon aren't in yet, so it will probably be a lot of pan fishing. (And "argghhh arghhh arghh"-ing with men.) He had a pretty low-key birthday, I'm glad he's having some fun. And I hope his truck makes it... That baby is getting old old old- stranded by the highway pulling your boat is not the best way to start a trip. (Listen to how pessimistic I am!!!! Again, not quite myself today...)

I turn over a card, and it's 2 of Pentacles, reversed. This one is about juggling a lot- a lot of opinions, a lot of choices, and lot of plans; and feeling exhausted by the work of keeping it all up in the air at once.

That makes sense.


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