Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thread count matters. Having taken what I believe may have been the best nap of my life this afternoon, not a statement to be taken lightly as I am the QUEEN of cozy naps, but today was a topper. We got up early for a soccer game for James (they lost by one point) then ran some errands, had lunch, then Dan and I snuggled into our wonderful Ralph Lauren 600 thread count sheets. It was a syrupy golden, cool fall day with a gentle breeze drifting past the wind chimes, through the window, and over our bed. I read just a little bit, then cozied in, and actually slept for an hour and 1/2- the purrrfect nap.

Which was much needed because it was a really funky week. You may have noticed I went awol again, it was not intended. They have been paving our road, and it has become inches higher in the process. On Weds. the Road Commission trucks were flying by at the freaking speed of light, catching our phone line on the top of their truck, springing it like a rubber band, and pulling our phone box off the house. We were phoneless/computerless for two days. Arrggghhh. My adventures with Verizon NEVER cease.

This picture is of Margaret and her frog... This HUGE frog (See upper right corner of pic) attached himself to her window every night for days. He was kinda creeping her out, I was sincerely starting to think she should kiss him, just to see what happened. However, after she took his picture, he stopped coming. (More prince-y proof to me!)

Friday night was James' first marching band experience at the Adrian Home game! He looked amazing in his uniform, and the band was really pretty good! The flag girls are amazing- they seem to do this random stuff with the flags, they have no rhythm and are relegated the back of the band in no-man's land, with seemingly no supervision. I swear, I thought they were going to put each other's eyes out!

Then, we arrived late, poor Dan had a Hideously long day, and we took our blanket and sat on the hill. As I get my bearings I realize, we are totally sitting in the midst of the "Middle school zone". We were the stooopid adults, who plopped ourselves down without realizing the huge social faux pas we were committing. The kids moved away from us, like repelled metal filings, leaving a space all around us. As the night wore on, we kept moving our blanket over, until we wound up in a more family friendly zone. (The kids expanded to recover our spots, churning, wrestling, flashing bracey smiles, and throwing grass on each other...)

It has been a beautiful weekend, cool and crisp. Last night Dan burned the limbs that fell off our ash tree, and it was a perfect fire. We shared a blanket and enjoyed the silver sliver of moon. Next week will be so busy, I've been relishing this time!


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