Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It was such a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday, cool, sunny and breezy, but it gave us a hint of the season that's on the way, our first Fall-like day. It has been sooooo buggy here, just clouds of mosquitoes descend upon us when we even open our door, but yesterday the breezes kept them down and we all drifted outside. James mowed the lawn, Petey and I played a hard game of "I'm gonna get you"- his absolute favorite.

My husband talked my son into clipper cutting his hair (he seems able to got to stores to buy hunting and fishing equipment in his spare time, however, a haircut has been beyond the realm of his comprehesion...hmmmm...)and when James turned on the clippers Petey started doing a low growl. Hehehee. It hits us then, the shih tzu has an INTIMATE relationship with the clippers, and was concerned we were coming for him. It was fun to turn them on and off, just to listen to him growl. I gave him a bath last night, he is sooooo fluffy and smells great. whatever he thinks of clippers, he LOVES the blow dryer, jumping into anyones lap if you turn it on.

I did a free eBay seminar put on by the Post Office, my friend went with me, and I saw another old friend while there. I teach an eBay class at out local adult Ed center, and I wanted to see if I was missing out on stuff. I was wayyy disappointed, although reassured that my class is better. It was pretty remedial, and he didn't have many examples to share. I learned more chatting with my friends after class! Oh well, glad I went if only for the reassurance and the social aspects!


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