Sunday, October 07, 2007

James and Colin- I caught James with his hat half on- they have to wear their hats backward if the team wins...

Hey y'all! It's a lazy Sunday morning and I'm blogging in bed. It's gorgeous out my window, all the trees are starting to turn and the cicadas are shrilling. I've got to go get pumpkins soon, I am going to store some to carve for the night of my son's rehearsal dinner. We're having it at Sunnyside, the tastiest Mexican restaurant in all of Adrian. We will have the restaurant for our private party, and I want to have carved pumpkins with candles out in front- it's Nov. 3, just after Halloween, but my pumpkins will be hearts and stars and stuff, more like luminaries. I have silk Fall leaves for the tables, and I'm not sure what I'm going to have, tiny pumpkins with flowers maybe?

Then, the wedding is on the 4th. Whew, my first baby is getting married, it just doesn't seem possible, but Denise is lovely. And my new granddaughter Ally is delightful. That Wheel of Fortune card- life keeps rolling on.

Here's James' pic in his band uniform. He's making a face- I am not the best photog and my batteries were running out, but you get an idea of his awesome marching presence. Friday was Homecoming and we went to the game- M was in the choir at pre-game, James in the band, Dan and I on our blanket on the hill enjoying the cool breeze and the nice night. We sat on the visitors side, but because it was Homecoming it was full of Adrian Fans, so we didn't stand out like freaks. We had an awesome spot until some little girl hurled, repeatedly, about five foot behind us.... Her parental units covered the offensive mess with a big hunk of cardboard, but it was pretty gross knowing it was there. Anyway, other than that, it was a near-perfect night of family togetherness, yet all doing our own thing...

Yesterday we went out to breakfast with the kids, then stopped at the vo-tech agricultural center down the road, which was having an open house. They grow hydroponic tomatoes, and raise pigs, cows and pheasants. We got to pet baby pigs and I got a batch of excellent green tomatoes. The kids were adorable with the animals, even though they are all teens, they still love baby pigs. It was the great leveler.

Wow, I heard a sound outside and looked out the window, it was a bunch of leaves blown off a the Hickory tree and skittering down the road, clicking on the pavement... Fall is here.


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