Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gosh, I haven't given life updates in days!! This year James is in band and soccer, and I am hauling kids all over hell's half acre, with Thursday and Sunday being the only respite from my life as a driving drone.

I finished my Intro to eBay sessions, and I start the selling section next week. They both turned out to be great class groups- all on a pretty equal footing knowledge-wise, fun "collective"class personalities (Some groups are just not fun, these guys were...), I hope my selling classes go as well.

Last night after I taught I shot out and picked up Dan and Margaret and we headed over to good ol' Maple Stadium to watch James and the Marching band. It was a showcase of all the bands in Lenawee County (The smallest had only 20 kids...) and we got there halfway through because of my class, but it was totally enough. In general, a little marching band goes a long way. Anyway, the Adrian band does this high stepping thing where they just pour onto the field with that proud marching- very very cool. It's also quite strenuous, and James had a wardrobe malfunction with his pants zipper, and it blew out as they began to high step. He spent the show marching, playing the clarinet, and trying to sneak a hand down to hike up his pants. The band STILL rocked!

Today I got a root canal- whoo hoo. I'm numb to my ears, i keep getting itches, but when i scratch them I can't feel it. weirrrrrrd.


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