Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello Hello!! I have so many things to share! First, at left see Ally, my new granddaughter wearing the bird costume I sewed (felt feather by felt feather, by hand!) for my daughter Margaret. We started a rockin' dress-up box for her on Sunday. I'm a little new to this game, and I'm just hitting my stride. We got the Barbies out, too. Whoo hoo!

My sweet nephew Al and his wife Deb just had a perfectly GORGEOUS little boy! Congratulations to the little guy who carries on the Mead name!

It's a rainy night, but in a cozy, drippy autumnal kind-o-way. My music suits the occasion, this one was sent to me by a friend...

I saw another Hawk tonight, really close to the road and sitting regally on a branch. My magic encyclopedia says that hawks mean enlightenment- I'm growing, stretching, I am changing...

I turn over one card for me, and thank goodness it's a good one! The 9 of Pentacles, it's a time when I am feeling comfortable in my skin, comfortable in my world. Home and work and happiness is in a pleasant balance now.


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