Saturday, October 20, 2007

Isn't this a cool picture of James? Even his shadow on the trampoline was good! You can see the beans are down in the field, and the trees are turning all around us now.. I think we're just on the edge of the peak fall colors. It makes the drive to work much sweeter. I mean, as sweet as a drive to work can BE.

It's been a great day- I found just the cloth napkins I need for my son's rehearsal dinner, and at Big Lots the price was divine. My mother LOVED that place, she was probably looking out for me today. Then my husband, and kids were fitted for their tuxes, etc. Wow, they are all going to be tres sharp. Dan and I went to see Brian today, we all picked up pine cones for the table arrangements I'll be making- I'm so excited that it all seems to be coming together.

We're having it at Sunnyside, a local Mexican restaurant. It's not feasible for me to do tablecloths, so on the tables I'm doing creamy cloth napkins, with small silk maple leaves tightly scattered in the middle, with tiny papier mache gourds and pine cones on top of those, surrounding small glass globe vases which will be filled with flowers. I'm giving each guest a pine cone beeswax votive as a keepsake. All round the outside of the restaurant we'll have pumpkins carved into star, heart, and D + D designs--no jack-o-lanterns. But it will be Nov. 3rd so I think Pumpkin luminaries are appropriate, don't you? I also have to come up with a good sangria recipe. I wasn't sure how i was going to do all this, how to kinda make this restaurant feel special, and I think it will be good.

Dan and I started an iPod shuffle on our anniversary trip, and we have kept it going. it's on song 277 of 1568. It's kinda an experiment. Don't you think some shuffles are better than others? Like if it starts with a couple of songs that DO NOT suit my mood, i will restart for another shuffle set. And sometimes, if you get a good shuffle, it's almost mystic the way the songs come along at the right time. This has been a good shuffle.

Today I had a couple of songs come up that were just good to hear; I had forgotten I had them in my lists. This My Chemical Romance Song came on when I was shuttling kids to their friends house, and it hit the spot. This Patty Griffin song came on in the morning, driving toward town on a sunny day, feeling glad to be me today.

Well, I cleaned the frig today, and I'm working on my pantry... Dan is off for cards with the boys, so my evening plans consist of a fragrant bath with candles and a book. The book, Riding with the Queen, I am finding surprisingly satisfying. However, I must say, I find it more convincing when the author speaks of the feelings and emotions this wannabe blues star has toward herself and her craft; I find her relationship with her mother and her sister to be a lil' more stilted. But really, a delicious soaking in the tub chick lit with some substance.

I have my fave brown sheets on the bed, 600 thread count, and I am happy.


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