Friday, October 19, 2007

Another picture from our trip up north- the Ocqueoc river, isn't it lovely? Last week at this time I was on vacation, walking through colorful and fragrant woods, ahhh, it was lovely.

Today however, is a regular working day, with a football game tonight. James' band uniform is clean and ready to rock, and the band has a whole new program for the game tonight. Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain!

I heard from an old and dear client, Jill in Virginia, who I have been for since wayyy back in 1999! Gotta love those loyal Tarot-lovers! I hope the reading was satisfying for her...

I did a couple of readings for myself this morning, it still amazes me when the cards hit the nail on the head. I feel like a conduit, as the cards and their message flows through me, telling me things I wouldn't have seen with my own eyes. A few months ago I put some unhealthy friendships behind me, and I feel confirmed in this decision. These people needed me as a settling influence, a listening ear, but didn't have as much concern for my heart and feelings. If I don't take care of my heart, who will?


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