Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today was improvement day, and we painted the porch ceiling to the accompaniment of the ipod shuffle, we're on song 377 now. My fave in the shuffle today was Bleed to Love her, ahhh Fleetwood Mac, you have always been there for me. James was most happy with Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner , God love you Warren Zevon. Dan got home really early from his party last night- I think it was before 10. he rolled in to Sniff n' the Tears on his satellite radio, and he's been humming it ever since.

The porch looks lovely- the ceiling is
Valspar "Fragile Fern" and the walls will be "New Leaf"-Very appropriate.

The kids have no school tomorrow, so M is off with her girlfriends to sleepover and watch scary movies, James is going with Danny to
The Haunting, again. Dan and I will have the evening together, I have lovely cheeses and crackers for a savory snack tray, and some champagne.

The picture is a tree we saw on our drive to town when we were at the cabin.

OMG- it has been weekend of the
6 of Cups- seeing all kinds of people from my past and present life. I felt like Scrooge in A Christmas carol, ghosts everywhere, but like the 6 of Cups in the positive position it wasn't unpleasant-

  • Jill from Supplyside, with her mom and baby, at the football game
  • Denise and her mom came in just when we sat down to breakfast, it was like we'd planned it. (They went to the same restaurant we did BEFORE, too, but it was too crowded... weird.)
  • Kenny & Claire Wilt- she is soooo tall!- at the grocery store.
  • Mary Wells- at the grocery store
  • Brian- at his house
  • Richelle & John, in Big Lots parking Lot
  • Mike from Tc3net @ lowes
  • This woman who was a cook at my first job @ big Boy at lowes.
  • Carol the cleaning Lady from lifestyles @ Lowes.

This was more people than I have seen in months. It was kinda crazy how they all just kept popping up.


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