Thursday, November 08, 2007

My eldest son is now married! It was a wonderful wedding, a wonderful weekend- everything went off like clockwork! But man, I'll tell you, it feels so good to have it all over!

My sister's were soooo supportive- when we arrived at the Rehearsal dinner, they had it all set up and it looked like my fantasy of how it would look- how often does THAT happen?

Nancy got a make-over by the Amazing Amanda- it looked so cool! And it felt exciting to move around in a big crowd, taking up tables for 12 wherever we went. We hit many local Mexican restaurants and breakfast spots.

After the wedding, Dan and I stopped by to visit with Brian and his new girlfriend, Beth, and our dear old friends Mary and Randy. Beth is a doll, it was nice to finally meet her. We kicked the boys asses at euchre, and I can see more of that in the future.

Now, here we are back to the real world. The real world for us is- MICE!!! The season is changing, it's getting cold, and now is the time when the little turd-makers try to move in with us. Dan took time out of his deer-hunting frenzy to put poison where the mice will find it delectable, but our sweet pets can't find it. Soooo, this morning I wake up and I feel something on my foot- a little poison-dazed mouse climbed over my bare foot!!!! GROSSSS!! Then, he's just sitting there- I cannot leave a LIVE mouse in the house. So, instinct caused me to step on him, which was the final straw for him. It was a disturbing way to start the day- it feels good to reduce the rodent ranks, it feels gross to be so intimately involved in their demise.

Dan goes off this weekend to winterize his mom's place at Saginaw Bay, he'll leave on Saturday and be home on Sunday., I'll miss him even being gone that much- we are in LOVE. It's amazing how resilient a marriage can be, how many phases it can go through. There were some times when I thought it was time to end it, never would I dream that we undergo such a marriage resurrection, renovation, renaissance. How happy, how lucky I am.


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