Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's a cold, dark, dreary and rainy day here in Michigan, but yesterday my son got on a Disney cruise in Florida, that's taking him to the Caribbean! I hope they have an excellent time.

My honeymoon was less stellar. I am a believer in taking a honeymoon at least a few weeks after the wedding- go away for a long weekend after a wedding, but take the big trip on your first anniversary... Here's my honeymoon tale...

I was married at 20, 3 months shy of my 21st birthday. At the time it made total sense, today it seems realllllly young. I didn't think about the whole cosmic aspect of getting married, and when the minister said who gives this woman, my dad made this sharp intake of breath, it echoes in my mind and heart today, and I think I finally GOT it, the cosmic aspect of what I was doing. I spent the rest of my honeymoon missing my parents, a lil' tearful over the people I had been actively trying to escape since my late teens.

Next, we went to my parents cabin in the U.P. - a sweet little place, we were the only cabin on the lake, no electricity or plumbing, just the two of us in the deep woods. That has always been our thang. Well, we stopped the first night at our parents place about an hour from the bridge. It was Oct. 11th, and it was cold. And this was young Dan, before he became Dan the Man, the fixer of all things. He couldn't get the heat going. I remember snuggling on the couch, not really from any feeling of passion, more from the desire not to leave our frozen carcasses stuck there till spring.

Then, on night 2 we hit the U.P., even colder and when we hit the cabin someone had stolen our propane tank- no appliances, no gas lights, and no heater. (Back in those days the cabin had a big ol' propane heater that used to be in a church- you were either cold or HOT) So, we spent night two curled together for warmth, not passion, again.

By night three we had our act together, heat, lights, and such- but we both had hideous colds.

Taking that 2 weeks later on would have been a berry good call for us. I hope Danny's trip is the antithesis of ours, a lovely time for all of them.


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