Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sweet little Sean Alan, we're sharing the love at the rehearsal dinner!

Today I have been Laura the insightful, Laura the capable (as opposed to this weekend when I was not-ready-for-primetime Laura...) I drove to work with my delicious cup of coffee, I've been running late the last two days (See above for unreadiness explanation), so I zip through town, but I take this dirt road beyond the college and I always see the coolest wildlife- little ferrety/mink things, braces of turkeys and woodcocks (woodcock?), it's like Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, okay? Sooo, today I'm sipping the tall reg/ex cream, and a majestic buck bounds over the road before me, and off into the corn stubble. Again, this kind of thang is the reason I take this road, so I stop the car and watch his progress. Keep in mind, this is Michigan and firearms deer hunting starts on Thursday. By then minivans with Latte's are going to be the LEAST of this buck's concerns. Well, he does pretty well, he just keeps on dashing towards the woods... when, what does he do??? He turns, stops and looks around and makes eye contact with ME, chest forward in that whold "Father of Bambi" stance. I felt pretty bad for him; that could be a deadly failure of technique. I mean we all DO know what happened to Bambi's Dad, right?

Next big thought, I'm home early and cleaning my house, listening to a Neil Young mix on the iPod, when I come to an old fave "old Man". Old man look at my life, Twenty four and there's so much more... My eldest is 24. It's sooooo weird how you never think you will ever be anyone else's "old man"... I mean, NEIL is the Old man in the song now, too...Crazzzzy.

Love lost, such a cost, Give me things that don't get lost.
Like a coin that won't get tossed

Rolling home to you.

So, it's a gorgeous fall day, and Neil is sounding good... From Sugar Mountain to Down by the River. (I told you I was insightful today...)


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