Monday, November 19, 2007

Another wedding pic- I remember when these guys would clink their baby bottles together and say "cheers!" They've come a long way....

Wow, what a stupendous weekend!!! I really didn't want to have inflated expectations, it is Deer Hunting season here- notoriously a time where we dance dangerously near to disliking each other. We vowed this year was going to be better, and it REALLY is...

Friday night M & J spent the night with friends, and I ran to the store and got little steaks and crab legs (on sale!) and we had a delightful late surf and turf dinner at home. We made killer Bloody Mary's and cooked side-by-side, and Dan's fave western TV station featured "Duel in the Sun" which we settled in to watch and it was hilarious! It was a western for him, a classic for me, and so amusingly overblown- Jennifer Jones just about writhes with sensuality, bahahaaaaaa.

Saturday morning Dan went hunting and returned early enough for us to get to the bank, do some errands, and we wound up at SunnySide for lunch, using our $30.00 gift certificate. An outstanding lunch. When we returned Dan watched the big Michigan/Ohio state game, and I finished my book (The Other Woman by Jane Green, acceptable chick lit, not amazing...)

Sunday morning Dan hunted, then returned and we got a turkey going. (We'll have dinner at my sister's and when you go somewhere else on Thanksgiving, you miss out on all those great turkey leftovers for sandwiches...) Brian called and we went over with both our vehicles, taking him a table and chairs for his dining room. It was a beautiful day, sparkling and bright, even though the leaves are 98% gone, it's still Fall-like. I came back to finish dinner, and Dan hung with his buddy BW awhile longer.

James was dying to go hunting, so Dan took him out in the evening. Still no luck.

It was a wonderful weekend, and like I said, I never dreamed we would be getting along so well in hunting season! I'm very mellow, Dan is not obsessed, and I'm happier than I've been for a long time. Counting my blessings already, even though Thanksgiving is Thursday!


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